lördag 29 oktober 2011

Fairy kei and street style outfits during october~

These are the outfits i had during october sometimes i forget to take pictures of them T _ T so here are some at least ^^'

Super lovers pants * _ * comfiest pants ever..
Not a very good outfit pic.. oh well.
Street style boystyle? xD
I really liked my hair here think it kind of looks likes sailor moon's *3*
It was cold this day so warm clothes it was :3
I love my jumpsuit ;u;
comfy comfy~
fairy kei :3
and that was all~
hope you enjoyed ^3^

12 kommentarer:

  1. youre just so cute and beautiful!!
    i love every of your outfits *//o//*

  2. This was lovely to read! Your outfits are too adorable!

  3. rly cute!
    I wish I would have so much sweet things too
    (* 0 *)/
    and waaa~ I love ur boyish outfits! wanna catch u then xD
    so nice u can show some outfits again <3
    thank you!

  4. I want all your clothes :D:D

  5. For some reason, I really like your street style boystyle! But lovely coords in general :)

  6. omg emilia you are too goddamn cute ;o;

    can you tell me where the tights are from in the last outfit? YOU LOOK SO GORGOEUS! <3

  7. I'm in love with all of your outfits! You look so cute in everything! What's the brand of your lillac skirt? It's so beautiful!!

  8. You have so cute clothes:,>! I really love your hair (pic 5)and your nails (pic 10)<3!

  9. i love your style, you are so cute
    all outfits are ... wow
    from where these high sneaker?? and these Pink shoes with the heart??
    It looks so good *.*