lördag 29 oktober 2011

My lolita and kodona cords during october

I kind of have many outfits to share so i will split them up to one post with lolita outfits and one with fairy kei and street style outfits!♥

Emi let me borrow her cathedral MmM *__* its so beautiful the pic doesn't do it justice ; o ;
Simple bittersweet :3
Kodona outfit, is it weird that i find myself prettier as a boy ; 3 ;?
Casual cord with dream sky my hair dyed as fast as i went out the door -__-

I have really fallen for sweet combined with black xD
I know this outfit is really similar to the other kodona cord but i improved the last outfit with better pants, socks and a cravat with a rose on ^^ ( which is barely noticeable on the pics :I)
I really like yellow and pink togheter! :'3 and yes that's a bunny in my hair..
Dream sky paired up with light purple.

And that was all of my lolita outfits hope you enjoyed ;u;

13 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, you are a completly different person when you wear kodona... so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You have such gorgeous hair! I love your bittersweet style <3

    You look totally different in kodona, it's awesome XD

  3. Wow! I love ur Kodona Style! Looks so adorable! Wish I could see u live in this outfit! *-*

    Do u use everyday a wig? o.o
    Isn't it difficult for u?

    I like the mint wig, with bunnys too! (* 3 *)

  4. I love your pink shoes with the heart on them. Where did you get them?

  5. You have no idea how badly i want your pink boots !!

  6. Så söt är du >< Jag dör x'D ♪

  7. you are sooo beautiful, even as a boy <3

  8. Very beautiful outfits, you are super cute<3!

  9. You're such a inspiration! Every outfit you make is always perfect! ~^o^~

  10. Hi! I'm a new follower.. (^-^)/

    I love your style!! you are sooo cute :3

  11. Super cute as always! I look forward to seeing your coordinate posts all the time!
    I really like your twisty tights on your first kodona outfit!

  12. I like how everyone in the background is dressed all bland.