onsdag 4 juli 2012

Japan expo part 1 (Wendsday 4th july)

Me, Amanda,Emi and Frank woke up super early, or well Frank did. The other of us stayed awake all night since we had to take a buss 3 in the morning that would take us to the airport ; u ;  So we decided not to sleep and stay awake and make sure that we had packed everything.
So we were really really tired.. i have no idea how we managed to stay awake XD

Here is Amanda and me in the early morning at Arlanda airport restroom hardcore traveling in lolita haha.
A tired Emi and Amanda in Paris subway omg i hated the subway ; _ ; it was so big and confusing like a labyrint almost DDD: and there were some scary people there too :(
Outside of our hotell it took a while to get there but it was really nice :3
After we had left our bags at the hotell we went into Paris, and back to the confusing subway..!
We were super lucky cause Tiya offered to show us around in Paris!! it was really nice of them! * u * they showed us the way too boddywood and the baby the star shine bright shop!!They took us too a good food place and we ate something similar to falafel? it tasted really good! We also went to a ice cream shop who had super delicious ice-cream aaah *y*

Here is all of us ^__^
Boddywood! it was much smaller than i had imagined :o
Baby the stars shine bright shop! it was amazingly pretty in there *_*

We departed from the company cause everyone was really tired. But before going back to the hotell we had to do some grocery shopping! And omg i have never seen so much yogurt and pudding in my whole life Q w Q
And then we went back to the hotell, we were exhausted so we ate dinner and then went straight to bed!
End of part one!

10 kommentarer:

  1. That is a lot of yogurt pudding lol and you guys look adorbs! I've always wanted to check out that store.

    1. Yeah ikr XDDD Thank you so much :DD

  2. You we're all so cute and the Shop its amazingly cute.

    Have plenty of rest and fun also.

  3. you guys all look lovely! haha i so understand what you mean about the subway in paris...! i realllllyyyy hate that place e___e;;

    1. Thank you!! yeah it's awful ;___;

  4. I really want to go to the BTSSB shop in Paris, it's so pretty *-*
    And you guys look so lovely too~ <33

    1. You should visit it sometime ^u^ Thank you so much :DD

  5. you all look so wonderful and kawaii *___*