fredag 6 juli 2012

Japan expo part 3 (Friday 6th july)

We didn't visit the expo for too long cause Frank, Emi and Amanda wanted to do tourist things around Paris in general. And i felt really bad i think i had a small fever so it wasn't that fun to do tourist stuff ..:(

Here was my outfit wore my angelicpretty salopette, i twinned with Amanda

At the harry potter both XD
Us with adorable Tiya :3
Silly gif will demonstrate our walking haha. And once again we had to deal with the scary confusing subway;_;
Then we went to the Eiffel tower~
So many wanted to take their picture taken with us it was crazy x _____ x!!
the tall ones in the back photo bombed us lol XD
It started to rain so we stopped and ate lunch/dinner after that we went to Sacre coeur...
The amazing view :3

 Frank wanted to visit the cafe were they filmed some parts of "amelie from montmartre" it took us quite a while to find it and the weather wasn't on our side.. it started to pour down rain XD And ahh noo it was kind of horrible i felt really bad even after eating some pain killers.

But finally we found the café and after that we did some grocery shopping and went back to the hotell.. The subway were running late so we had to take a train that was so full we had bruises afterwards...  It was nice seeing all the tourist stuff but next time i wish to do it on a day when i'm not sick haha ; ~ ;

 End of part 3

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  1. omg you guys are like celebrities xD

  2. so cuute :D I love that hairdo! lovely accesories <333

    1. Thank you sweetie!!♥♥♥

  3. AWW I LOVE YOUR STYLE <3 U r so cute and sweet and.... omg, you ARE my fashion idol >w< ≈ <3<3

    bad english..... oh my gosh ... ;_;

    1. Daw thank you so much!!! ;; v ;;!♥