söndag 16 september 2012

4 outfits from this week~

Hi i have been sick all week but i still pushed myself to got to school cause i don't want to miss anything ; v ; so here are my outfits.

Im a little sick but still went to school don’t want to miss anything u v u’
Im sicker today XD oh well i’m happy because on monday it’s my birthday and apparently we have a study day which means we get to be home and I’m done with everything so I will be free!!! 8D
Cozy outfit today ; v ;
Only have history class today ☆彡♪(´ε` )

and on Friday it was a sportevent thingy which i couldn't attend since i didn't want to risk to get even sicker
T 3 T
and that was all for now i'm currently making a lot of jewellery that i will be selling at the Japanese flee market in October all my Swedish followers should go if you have the chance * v *

I also made some deco cases one is hime inspired and the other is kind of sweet inspired ^v^ i'm going to make more and will also bring these to the japanese flee market!
Har börjat göra lite deco skal kommer sälja de på japan loppisen så hoppas någon köper dem har inte sålt deco skal förut.. ; v ;
Goodbye cuties ; v ;

18 kommentarer:

  1. I truly love your style. I won't suite me but it suits you so perfectly ._.

  2. You're adorable as always!! I hope you get well soon!! ~

  3. Your outfits are top notch as always!
    Awe you've been ill for so long now (i follow you on Instagram) please get well soon ;u;

    ♥ Sapphire

  4. I love you and your style, you're so awesome omg *o*

  5. wow every single outfit of yours is awesome! I love the way you dress and you're a huge inspiration for me! <3

  6. Aaaaaa those alpacas are way too cute > U <
    And get well soon! Silce onion into a mug and take deep breaths of it about half an hour every evening, it helped for me!

  7. OMG you have so many alpacas!!! In your next blog post, could you possibly do phtotoshoot with your arpakasso and review of places that you bought it from? :D

  8. Very pretty outfits, as always ♥

  9. Hello!
    I don´t usually comment nothing here (actually, it´s the first time) but I´ve been stalking since some months (feel like a stalker) and I really love your style! Also, you are very cute >3<

  10. Hi there^^ If I got the oppurtunity I'd love to go to that fleemarket...If I were to buy one of those deco cases what would they cost?^^ And would they match a samsung galaxy young mobile? They are really neat and would love to own one ~~
    Also I'd like yto wish you a happy birthday and hope you'll get better soon, not funny being sick :/ Bye <3

  11. I love ur 2nd outfit most,amazing wig and overknees.Also love this kawaii gif with alpacas <3

  12. Wow, great blog! You're so beautiful!
    Can I ask you a question? Where do you buy your bat t-shirts and stuff? Because I'm desperately looking for some tees or pullovers, but I don't find cute stuff on the internet :x

  13. You look super-lovely as always! <3

  14. You're always so inspiring and pretty, dear. <3 I'd love to have an alpaca like yours, but to me they are soooo expensive. ; n ;

  15. i love the Monday and Wednesday, waaahh so many Arpakasoo damn...♥ ♥ ♥

  16. I gave your blog an award:)

    I absolutely love your style>3<

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