lördag 8 september 2012

4 outfits~

Just some outfits from this past week ^-^

Gal inspired fairy kei kind of 8D..
Polkadots *v*

I recently obtained this dream sky skirt i know i already have the jsk in the samle color but the skirt is so nice and it's easy to be more casual with it ^3^
I used to own the light blue version but it was kind of tight on me  so i sold it XD but now it's a bit too big on me so my weight progress is working yay 8D
Simple outfit u v u

Sweet/romatic gyaruish ^_^ the skirt makes it looks like i have a bulge on my tummy thought ; n ;
The skirt makes me look big T^T 

And last outfit a simple creepy cute outfit.I don't want to be ott when i have a 5hours craft lesson at school XD
I look tired because i am höhö.. 

And now im going to continue with crafting jewelry take care cuties♥
(Sorry that i don't update so often ^-^' ) 

16 kommentarer:

  1. I love those outfiiiiiits;w; <3 So cute!

  2. The gal/fairy kei mix is super cute, I love the result!

  3. The comment didn't arrive? Well, I rewrite it..
    Where you have bought those lovely overalls and shoes which are in first pic? :) I really love your clothes! You are really beautiful :)
    Could it be possible that you wrote always where you have bought the clothes? (Like cardigan - Listen flavor, Shirt - ....etc.) Looking forward for your next posts!!

  4. Love the outfits like always, you're so stylish and pretty *//o//*

  5. You wear the cutest things :)

  6. Really cute outfits, as always ♥ I like the romantic gyaru-like outfit the most in this post. You look so sweet ^///^
    Have a nice weekend!!

  7. Hi there!^^ I really love your small ''bone-hands'' accessories :) ..I'm also woundering what you meant about that your ''weight progress is working''? :O I hope you do not think you are fat or anything, bc that would be sooooooo NOT the case! Take care~~

  8. Pls don't lose weight... :/ You look so good now, everyone's normal weight is the best for everyone!!

    1. Ahh no you got it wrong i'm just trying to get more fit and slim! :3 i eat healthy and work out so don't worry :D

  9. I'm the same way! Weight goes up and down for me too. xD
    All of your outfits are just inspirational!

  10. so wonderful outfits,I love ur playsuit ^^

  11. Love those outfits soo much especially the last one! So cute!

  12. I'm sorry this is going to be in Swedish, since I have an opportunity to use it: Herregud, jag måste säga det jag tänkt så länge på: du är bara så sjukt söt ;___; <3! Alltid när jag känner mig nerstämd, kollar jag in här och blir genast glad :). Älskar hur du håller på med så många stilar samtidigt och totalt rockar loss dom alla <3!

    En annan grej jag undrat över, om det passar sig att fråga, om ditt efternamn, Anttonen? Tänkte bara att det låter finskt - jag menar, själv kommer jag från Finland och hör till den lilla minoriteten, som talar svenska som modersmål här, så jag undrade bara om du hade finska släktband eller så? Anyways, du är så himla cool och söt, totalt min idol <3! Never stop doing the things you love doing <3!

    ~Myrsky (lol, mitt riktiga namn xD)

  13. Hi, I love your outfits ( ´∀`)☆

    But I wonder... Don't you use very much time on dressing up in the morning? I mean, the make-up, wigs, false eyelashes and so. You must be pro ;p

    ~ Mannylinn

  14. I love the last outfit. Really stylish. The first outfit is really cute too. ^^ I love your blog.

    ~ Shiki