söndag 23 september 2012

Outfits from this week~

Monday it was my birthday yay~
Me and my friends had a cozy time at my place ^-^
Had a great birthday with my friends! ; v ;. Haha i cheated to much with the sweets thought ; n ; Will work out extra hard tomorrow XD
Tuesday school = v =
If there is a thing like sugar hangover i totalt have it right now hahahah :—-( Saga gave me this headband as a birthday gift thank you so much sweetie ヽ(;▽;)ノ♥♥♥
Wendsday looked like Tuesdays coordinate cause i was to tired to bother hahah..
I pretty much look the same like yesterday but whatever (◍•ᴗ•◍)
Thursday i got filmed for a tv show it was a pilot episode so it’s not sure that it will aired. But it was fun nonetheless !
I got filmed for a tv show today (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) it was a pilot episode so it’s not sure that it will aired. But it was fun nonetheless :—-D I looked like this ^-^
Outfit rundown:wig:gothiclolitawigsaccesories: chocomint,swimmer,6%dokidoki, cute can kill cardigan:Tommy Hilfiger  Tshirt:Gina tricotskirt:Angelic prettysocks:Angelic pretty Shoes:Angelic pretty
I changed clothes after we were done i didn't feel like wearing pastels out on town it's pretty tiring to do so ; v ;
I changed clothes before going into town didn’t feel like wearing pastels out on town today ;v;
Friday wore one of my new wigs from gothic lolita wigs * v *
My outfit today☆彡 Headband:by irodohieru Wig: gothiclolitawigs Sweater:banana fish Tights:Topshop Shoes: tuk (they are sold out so don’t ask me where you can buy them cause i don’t know Σ(゚д゚lll))
Sunday i went to a lolita meet up it was really nice! ^-^
How i looked today, wore my sugar heart dress from angelic pretty♥ 

And that was all for now!
Bye bye~

24 kommentarer:

  1. You look stunning as always! Love Wednesday and Fridays' outfit :D

  2. kawaii~~ I love the blue hair!!

  3. Happy belated birthday!! Awesome outfits- love the wigs

  4. I love the second last so much! *--* perfect~

  5. Awwww so lovely outfits! <3 ^_^

  6. Belated Happy Birthday! You're so cute <3

  7. I think this post gave me diabetes *o*
    So much cute! Every outfit is perfect.

  8. love love loooove your wigs! they are always perfect~
    just wondering, what does your real hair look like? do you _always_ wear wigs?

    btw, also loving the Rilakkuma bag <3

  9. The lovehearts dress is so beautiful *_* You always look amazing
    I love the pink wig!


  10. So pretty and cute like always!
    And I'm so in love with your wigs omg *o*

  11. Happy lately birthday!! Cute outfits, as always ♥ You are sooo cute!!

  12. I love your sometimes darkish style!

  13. lovely looks *-*!


  14. I wish you would update your blogg more often. It's a shame that you haven't written something in a week. Well I guess it's gone a week since you wrote this post.

  15. Cute as always! Love you wigs and you outfits!

    Check out my blog: http://wronginalltherightways.blogg.se

  16. Kommer du vara på Japanloppisen ( 19 oktober)?
    För jag skulle gärna vela träffa dig så om du är där kommer jag och mina kompisar ( som också älskar din stil och tycker du verkar vara awesome) ser dig kommer vi definitivt gå fram och hälsa <3 ^^

  17. I love your creepy x cute & always so well-detailed style a lot, you always seem so passionate with it! Keep it up ;)

  18. Omg, när ska du skriva ditt nästa inlägg? :(

  19. Hej PastelBat!
    Kommer du vara på Japan loppisen?
    Jag kommer dit och tar därför ledigt från skolan.
    Just nu jobbar vi med tidningar i skolan och nu ska vi skriva ett repotage.
    Skulle du vilja bli(om du kommer)interjuvad?
    Tack på förhand!!!
    -MTV, Ophelia

  20. Sötoo ^^ Kommer du på ConFusion? (: