onsdag 22 februari 2012

Couple of outfits+more ^__^

I wore this to valentines day i didn't do anything special thought. My valentine got his valentines gift later that week since we were seeing each other on whatevercon that weekend :-3

Did you make anything for your valentine?
I think i went a little overboard.. I bought a white box and handpainted everything with promarkers, i painted Stitch cause he really loves Stitch ; w ; And then i made dark chocolate truffle with marshmallows and liquorice/raspberry fudge
But he really liked it ;; u ;; so it made me really happy! *A*

I went to Whatevercon it was quite fun :---) it was a pirate and zombie themed convention so i tried to be a pirate ^__^
i tried to mix pirate lolita with sweet lolita and this was the outcome :--3

On the second day i wore a "ordinary" pirate lolita outfit :--) this is my first alice and the pirates dress it's so pretty ;; 33 ;; the hat i made myself to match with my outfit!

That was all for now thank you for looking ^__^

lördag 11 februari 2012

Outfits dump( O u O )/

I have a couple of outfits to show you!

Pastel fluff devil or something haha..

A pretty simple outfit :--3 but i still like it :-)

Also a simple outfit :--)

A gal outfit i wore for a gal meetup :-)

These are probably the best high heels ever ;u; they are even comfy to wear!

I have recently bought myself a couple of lolita items ^u^ i got the spirit back for lolita and it feels great! it may have been because of a special person reminded me how pretty it is~

Wonder party is such a perfect dress ; 3 ;

Haha i'm not so creative with my sweet coords :-( but i don't have much to match with blue yet ;u;

A kind of a goth"ish" coord apparently i reminded people of Tim Burton character with this coord ;u;
And i really like Tim Burton characters so i see that as a compliment XD i originally wanted to wear high heels with this coord but it was so slippery and wet outside so i couldn't D-:

And last a casual coord with my favorite dress :--)

And that was all for now~
Take care cuties! :-3