lördag 30 juni 2012

Update ( * 3 * ) outfits and Uppcon~

Hello cuties! 
A lot have happened since i last updated i attended uppcon and competed in the cosplay show and i won second prize for best handicraft with my Shinku cosplay which felt amazing cause i thought i wouldn't win anything at all! This is my first cosplay ever so it was really great starting point i think * u *
I wore my pon pon cosplay on Friday at Uppcon! which i also have made by myself this is my second cosplay ^^

Here is Emi cookiemonster and me XD

and on the last day of uppcon i wore a pretty simple outfit with my salopette from angelic pretty i couldn't resist to not buy a alpaca ,i named her Violett :D

and this was the last Uppcon there will ever be :( so sad i really liked Uppcon! 
I have also been too japan expo in Paris and i meet my biggest idol kyary pamyu pamyu!!  i will make a separate post about Paris and japan expo later just have to edit all the photos haha! but now onto the outfits from the last couple of months!♥ 
ahh yeezz,yeezz
Simple outfit for school~

Fairy kei outfit

Hime gal inspired outfit ^__^

Sweet lolita styled my own hair yay :3

I tried to do a neko mimi hairstyle think it turned out pretty cute ^^

New creepers they are so crazy that i love them haha :3
Grey/black and pink combo O 3 O

Uhm this outfit were just for fun i tried to look similar to my friend Saga ahah♥♥ XD

Rainy day~

Boring but comfy outfit XD

Haha i used this wig a lot at this time XDD

I love this liz lisa skirt so much!

I wore this to a party ^^ it's my own hair and extensions :D
Im wearing stockings that have a stay up look it's not a weird tan hahaha

Went and did some shopping with Amanda :3

Went to the store to buy food so i was to lazy to do a better outfit haha

Me and Amanda got interviewed for a documentary :3 we both decided to wear fairy kei ish clothes
I bought this skirt at japan expo it's from 6%dokidoki i'm so happy i finally own it!!

And that was all for the moment! hope you enjoyed it! Take care!!♥