lördag 7 juli 2012

Japan expo part 4 (Saturday 7th july)

We went up super early to go to the convention and stand in line we went by buss 6 in the morning.

Why did we try to arrive so early? well we didn't want too miss out and meet kyary cause there weren't any booking system for the meet and greet tickets so it was basically run, try to get it before they would run out of ticktes.. AND we got the tickets whoo hooo i think everyone know what i was queuing for since i wore my ponpon cosplay XD ahh when we got the ticket in our hand we finally realized that we would meet kyary pamyu pamyu later that day we were overwhelmed with happiness since she is a big idol of ours ; v ;
Haha we almost cried because we were so happy XDD
A tired Amanda and Emi ; w ;
Amanda and me XD
niconicodougaota.com(japanese youtube kind of?) had a livestreaming "booth/stage" aahh i don't know how we dared but we decided to get interviewed XD
Omg i'm so sorry for being so awkward i were so nervous aahh..
we show up at at around 2min in ^^

Here is a bunch of pictures from that day :3

At the harry potter both xD

We meet Sui she was so sweet she gave me a fan letter and a little bunny alpaca plush ; u ;
and she had a picture of me so i could sign it owo o have never given an autograph before XDD

apparently she is sister too Riyoko Ikeda * __*
(the woman who created rose of versailles)
we fangirled a little heh..; u ;
Awesome mad hatter cosplay!!

The weirdest thing also happened we were hanging by the kyary both and they had this tv which they played kyarys videos and then ponpon went on so i started to dance cause i were so hyper haha! i know most of the dance so i think it went alright owo but then people started to gather around me but i didn't care cause i had some kind of adrenaline rush or something so i just continued dancing O 3 O'
After a while a person who looked like some kind of business man came forward to me and talked to me and then he said "i want you too interview kyary" i were like O_O.. so apparently this man were working with kyary. So we were going to meet him up after we had been to the meet and greet event i don't think i have been this hyper my whole life it was sick XD

By 2 a clock we went to the meet and greet aah i had a blackout so i don't remember everything XD
Kyary looked so surprised over my ponpon cosplay she said something like "ahhhh ponpon cosplay??" and i were like "hai" ;; w ;; *holding back tears* i managed to get out "dai fan" (which basically means big fan) and then i said "present for you, handmade!" and after that i don't remember but she looked really happy and omg she was so cute irl ; __ ; 

I gave her this necklace!they are sharks since she loves sharks i wanted to do a necklace for her with them ; u ;
The staff at the meet and greet took a picture of me which kyary uploaded on her twitter and ameba later that day *___*
After the meet and greet we went back to the kyary both to meet up with the business man o w o
But i ended up not to interview her cause i didn't know french........ ffffffffffffffffff
ikr ; _____ ; SO CLOSE YET SO FAR * *sobs in a corner*
 so yeah they dragged us around the convention for a while before they knew they couldn't have me as the interviewer :( but we met Sebastian Masuda and the zippermodels omg that was very awesome XD and we got free soda lol. I also got a weird goodie bag haha =w='' 
 and when waiting for the concert too begin the zippermodels wanted to take a picture with us and the business man asked if we wanted a photo too;;;; u ;;;; ahhh
So we died a little more haha..

The concert was so awesome! Kyary was so good live and it was so fun to watch!
i was sooo shaky so i didn't get any good photos ;;; w ;;;

Best live i have been too!! ; w ;

Afterwards some interviewers asked us to give a greeting to kyary and it ended up in her show later on aaah * __* we show up at around 9min in :3

we didn't go to japan expo on Sunday cause we were going home so i won't make a post about the Sunday ^^ i had a very nice trip and it was so awesome to meet my biggest idol ever!! *____*

fredag 6 juli 2012

Japan expo part 3 (Friday 6th july)

We didn't visit the expo for too long cause Frank, Emi and Amanda wanted to do tourist things around Paris in general. And i felt really bad i think i had a small fever so it wasn't that fun to do tourist stuff ..:(

Here was my outfit wore my angelicpretty salopette, i twinned with Amanda

At the harry potter both XD
Us with adorable Tiya :3
Silly gif will demonstrate our walking haha. And once again we had to deal with the scary confusing subway;_;
Then we went to the Eiffel tower~
So many wanted to take their picture taken with us it was crazy x _____ x!!
the tall ones in the back photo bombed us lol XD
It started to rain so we stopped and ate lunch/dinner after that we went to Sacre coeur...
The amazing view :3

 Frank wanted to visit the cafe were they filmed some parts of "amelie from montmartre" it took us quite a while to find it and the weather wasn't on our side.. it started to pour down rain XD And ahh noo it was kind of horrible i felt really bad even after eating some pain killers.

But finally we found the café and after that we did some grocery shopping and went back to the hotell.. The subway were running late so we had to take a train that was so full we had bruises afterwards...  It was nice seeing all the tourist stuff but next time i wish to do it on a day when i'm not sick haha ; ~ ;

 End of part 3

torsdag 5 juli 2012

Japan expo part 2 (Thursday 5th july)

The first thing we did was to accidently oversleep yes oversleep.. haha T _ T
So we arrived later to japan expo than we had planned but there was no line which was a nice surprise. I wore a shiro lolita outfit i looked kind of a creepy dead bride haha.
Emi, Amanda and me :3
Amanda looking at Holley tea times booth at the expo :D
So much cuteness Q u Q
And this was my favorite corner!!6%dokidoki ! it was right next to the kyary both and the mameshiba both we spent most of our time there and our money, or well i did XD
The staff at the kyary both were so kind aah ;__;
i took so many random photos of the expo here is a few of them hehe ^^

They had a harry potter both there we came back everyday to take a photo! the staff were so happy that we visited them so they could talk english XD
Im the evil one dundunDUN...

Emi found Tardis! and a bunch of other cool bros XD

"Who are you gonna call?,Ghostbusters!"
Japan expo was so huuuuuuuuuuuge we didn't have time to check everything out on the first day!o_o'''

Here is the shopping  i did at the first day of the expo, i love everything i have been craving this 6%dokidoki skirt for ages!!*___*

End of part two!