söndag 31 mars 2013

Pinky paradise- Pretty Crystal Pink(Ifairy Super Crystal) review

These are the lenses i used with my Madoka Kaname cosplay!
Pretty Crystal Pink(Ifairy Super Crystal)

Comfort 5/5
They are very comfy i have had no problem with them  ^_^
Colour 5/5
I love the color it was just the one i looked for! A mix of different pink which looked perfect for my Madoka cosplay! 
Size 5/5
These are 15,00mm and enlarge my eyes quite a lot which i love !

If you want the same pair you can get them from here
They are also available in  grey,brown,blue,green,violet and red

If you use the code "pastelbat"
 You will get a free pair of animal lens case and mystery gifts! If you buy 2 pair of lenses you will get 2 animal lens cases and 2 mystery gifts

9 kommentarer:

  1. Such great lenses! Thanks for the review


  2. Such a pretty and bright colour ! Thanks ☆

  3. Those are lovely. Thanks so much for the review.
    ♡ DanaBellaRella ♡

  4. I love your lenses and i was looking for new pair of pink lenses. Thank you for this post. I'm in love... *.*


  5. Thank you for this review
    They are great for cosplay♥

  6. Those are so pretty! I've been looking for a new pair too :D

  7. i love the color !! i can stare at your eyes for hours lol <3

  8. Your Madoka cosplay seemed so COOL I wish I had seen it in Sweden >_< Did you make some sort of photoshoot with her? Your cosplay seemed so polished but the picture I've seen on your tumblr doesn't really show much ;__; either way wow you are such an inspiration! Everything you make is close to perfection.

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