söndag 31 mars 2013

Pinky paradise- Pretty Crystal Pink(Ifairy Super Crystal) review

These are the lenses i used with my Madoka Kaname cosplay!
Pretty Crystal Pink(Ifairy Super Crystal)

Comfort 5/5
They are very comfy i have had no problem with them  ^_^
Colour 5/5
I love the color it was just the one i looked for! A mix of different pink which looked perfect for my Madoka cosplay! 
Size 5/5
These are 15,00mm and enlarge my eyes quite a lot which i love !

If you want the same pair you can get them from here
They are also available in  grey,brown,blue,green,violet and red

If you use the code "pastelbat"
 You will get a free pair of animal lens case and mystery gifts! If you buy 2 pair of lenses you will get 2 animal lens cases and 2 mystery gifts

fredag 22 mars 2013

Couple of outfits!

I haven't showed you my new hair color it's pinkish brown now!  and a couple of days ago i did a nekomimi hairstyle!(*≧ω≦)
 Woho styled my own hair for once :’—)
Here is a rather simple cult party kei outfit i wore my new blouse from sheinside you can get it from here
It's a lovely blouse really i can't wait for warmer weather so i can wear it more often! The lace details are so nice and it goes really really well with cult party kei don't you think? i think it would look great with a mori girl style too! and gyaru! Soo many possibilities * v *
Rather simple outfit today (⌒▽⌒)☆Love my new blouse from sheinside it goes so well with cult party kei (*´∀`*)
Here is another outfit so sad it started too snow again so i had to wear boots... Spring where are you??; n ;
Making patterns alone at school wooho!(~_~;) and I had to wear boots since we have snow again :—(((( goo away snoooow! I want spring!
And here is from today! Wore my new sweater! it's so cozy and warm!you can get it from here! It's the perfect sweater, because you can make a bit more dressed up coordinates with it but it can also be worn as "today i don't care leave me alone" 8D Haha my intention was to wear something creepy cute today so i did my makeup that way but then i ended up with this coordinate haha.. 
Today’s outfit ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ this sweater is so coooozy you can get it from here ,i’m writing a review on it on my blogspot later!(*≧▽≦)

And that was all for now cuties!! hope you are doing great!

tisdag 12 mars 2013

Sweaters and 2 coords!

Got my new sweaters from sheinside they are so lovely * v *The white sweater is made of really cozy fabric (and on the backside there is the same text but with white!)I think the one in the middle is my personal favorite i love the rivets detail!On the right there is a chiffong blouse i was thinking it will work very well with cult party kei,don't you think?

I decided to wear one of my new sweaters today! ^-^
It's kind of a simple coord but simple is nice sometimes!
Very simple coord today wearing my new sweater from sheinside :3

And here is my outfit from yesterday! A very floral cult party kei coord, i match with my room haha.I match with my room today haha (◕‿◕✿)Close up i guess haha (◕‿◕✿)
Oh also a little question!
Do you prefer when i take mirror shots or do you like these kind of pictures of my outfts? ; v ;
And that was all for now take care cuties!

söndag 10 mars 2013

A little update with what i have been up too ☆彡

Hello cuties! i changed the appearance here on my blogspot i wanted something lighter and springy haha♥
I have been bad at updating so i will do a little summary on what i have been up too the past couple of weeks!

I have been to Winter Närcon i worked  in the maid café Sakura garden(Like us on facebook please!) and i competed in the cosplay competition with my Madoka cosplay!
This weekend i attended winter närcon i cosplayed Madoka Kaname and i ended up winning the first prize in the cosplay competition i’m so happy!!I worked so hard , we could say i put all of my soul into this cosplay heh.  The petticout required so much organza that i lost count on how much i used .. But i know that i used 40m of satin ribbon for it ; ^ ;  There were a lot of obstacles when making the costume but i’m pretty happy with the outcome! ; u ;
(You may be wondering why i made the gold bow instead of the flower bow it’s because i want to cosplay godoka one day so i’m saving it for that cosplay instead ^^.)
I wish i were 1 cm shorter because then i would be the same lenght as Madoka haha♥ 
And guess what... I came on first place omg!!  I'm so happy i did not think i would win..

I had a one week break from school i visited Simon it was a lot of fun and the time just flew by ; 3 ;
(We are good at making faces i know)

( ⌒∇⌒ ) pictures from last week, pastelbat visited me for a whole week ♪♪ 

I wish i could have stayed another week with you haha ; ^ ;
And we made gifs while eating pizza that's how normal we are :--)

And then we transformed into some kind of pop idols with matching galaxy seifukus

It was a fun week haha ; v ;!
Other than that I have 2 coordinates to show you ^-^
Both are cult party kei style!
(and i'm not quitting on my other styles i just like too wear several fashions so don't worry!)
I was told i looked like an angel oh my gosh it made me blush pretty hard haha.. 
I was told I looked like an angel today ; w ;
I have been asked too post closeups of my outfits so here is one at least☆彡Another close up kinda..
Gonna pretend it’s spring here now kay (´◉◞౪◟◉`)
Second outfit
I tried to do a cult party kei/fairy kei inspired coord!☆彡Cult party kei with pastels kinda..(´▽`)
Tomorrow my internship starts and i'm going too be there for 3 months so i hope it goes well i'm going to work with my friend ,so i think it will be fun! i will be making patterns and fashion sketches and more it will be interesting 

And that was all for now!
Take care cuties!