måndag 6 juli 2015

Phantasee Black Sclera Lens Sabretooth- Review

There are plenty of Sclera lenses from uniqso (113 designs!!) find them over ->here<-
 The stock photo looked like this:

For more stock photos go ->here<-
Lens information that can be found on their page:
Diameter: 22mm 
Water Content: 38% 
Base Curve: 11mm 
Life Span: 6 months

My review
Comfort 2,5/5
I got them in fairly easy (I thought it would be impossible to get them in) and my eye sight were like it normally isThey were more comfortable than i thought they would be, but only the time I were available to wear them. They dried out my eyes after a couple of hours, they wouldn't even stay in.. BIG BUT because it was i had worn them too long (I think at least, I lost track of time)! 

Effect 5/5
 I love the look of them! and you can do both "creepy makeup" or "cool" to match them with!
Size 5/5 
They are scleras so yeah super big!!which is super nice B)

Overall score 4/5!

I really really liked these lenses! Even though i had problem with dry eyes (so they wouldn't stay in haha), but it's sclera lenses so it's not that weird (since they are so big) and that i had worn them way too long. I also consumed some alcohol while i wore them so that could have effected my eyes!..
I will definitively get a new pair of sclera lenses some day!

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Get your ->Phantasee Black Sclera Lens Sabretooth here<-

Bonus pic of my full Halloween outfit featuring the lenses in this review!